need-a-bin-v2Need a Skip Bin??


The traditional skip bins are

  • Not movable, not convenience for many senario.
  • Not lockable, not able to preventing unauthorized use.
  • expensive, not affordable by normal users.

That's why...

You need us, Zoom Mobile Skips

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Zoom Mobile Skips

  • We deliver the bins to you
  • Our bin is lockable
  • Our bin is movable
  • Our service is affordable
  • No damage to drive way or lawn
  • Environment Friendly
At Zoom Mobile Skips we are committed to offering you a fast, convenient service. We offer on time delivery, or it’s free! We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our commitment also extends to the environment, where we recycle 95% of our rubbish. We continue to explore new and innovative ways of improving. Rubbish removal with Zoom Mobile Skips is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. We deliver the mobile skip to you
  2. You fill it up with your rubbish
  3. We take the rubbish away
Our skips are delivered by cars, not heavy trucks, therefore leaving no damage to lawns, pavers or driveways. Contact us on 0408 088 142 for more information, a quote or to book.


0408 088 142