Zoom Mobile Skips — Working to Protect the Environment


We know that for many people who hire a skip bin in Adelaide, what happens to your waste after it has been disposed of is very important.

According to the EPA, around 70% of waste in South Australia gets recycled and, as a proud SA business in the waste disposal industry, Zoom Mobile Skips plays a crucial role in our local circular economy. We demonstrate this through our ongoing commitment to sustainability and renewable flows of energy.

South Australia’s position as one of the world’s leading jurisdictions when it comes to waste management is one that we all benefit from, and Zoom Mobile Skips is proud to play an important part in promoting sustainability.

That’s why as part of our Adelaide skip bin hire service, we ensure that as much of the waste that we collect as possible is recycled.

How do we recycle our waste?

Once we collect our mobile skip bin from your home, office or business premises after your hire has been completed, we take it back to our depot in Hindmarsh, where it is loaded on to a truck and then delivered to the Resourceco recycling plant at Wingfield.

The waste is then sorted and, wherever possible, it is repurposed and recycled in a variety of innovative ways.

The result is that, on average, only about 5% of the waste that we collect in our mobile skip bins in Adelaide ends up in landfill. This means that in a full 4m3 skip bin, which weighs around 600 kg when full, only about 25 kg will not be recycled — the rest will be efficiently reused or repurposed.

What waste can be put into a mobile skip bin?

In order for Zoom Mobile Skips to be able to fulfil its commitment to sustainability, there are restrictions in place as to what sort of waste can be disposed of in our skip bins.

Please click here to find out more about what sort of waste materials are prohibited, or need to be segregated into their own bin. In particular, please note that toxic waste materials (i.e., asbestos, chemicals. poisons, etc.) and e-waste (like computers, printers and TVs) cannot be put into our skip bins for hire.

Please call Zoom Mobile Skips on 0408 088 142 if you would like further advice as to what sort of materials we can or can’t accept.


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