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Zoom mobile skips now offers fresh new and more convenient services to SAers by admin

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Zoom mobile skips now offers fresh new and more convenient services to SAers

admin | Blog | 02 Dec 2019 | 812

Just before 2020, we finally put our new website online to serve our SA customers better. With the help of YNW Web and Apps, we able to make this website much more faster, smarter, easier, and more readable for every of our dear customers.

This new website has been so smart that can significantly reduce the time for customers to place a booking on our website. Simply you can find the booking button on every page at any time on the top right of the desktop screen, or on the bottom right of the mobile devices. With a simple 4 step booking wizard, our customer can input their contact details and the model of the skip bins, the system can calculate every rest for you including the available booking time, travel time and price. After you pay the deposit, the system will automatically process your booking and you just need to wait for our friendly staff to deliver our skip bins to your place.

If you have a special order that needs to place a quote on our website, you can find it on the bottom of every page just above the footer area. Simply provide your contact details to us, we will get back to you very shortly.

Also, you can find useful information on our website such as Frequently Asked Questions, and Rubbish categories that we accept, and how we recycle the wastes. If you want to contact us, simply click the the call button at the bottom left on mobile devices, or click the call button at the right edge or the desktop screen.

Zoom Mobile Skips is doing the best to serve SA customers for a higher standard service at a better level price.

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